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55 Years of ExperienceMicromax is located in Wollongong NSW

Experience counts and Micromax has plenty. Our Wollongong based company has been providing high technological products and innovative solutions to the Australian market for more than 55 years. Micromax represents many of the most technically advanced companies in the world with products including medical devices, sub-miniature components, semi-conductors, engine control components, audio video components, wireless components, embedded computing and data acquisition products. Our expertise assures the products we sell are applied effectively and efficiently to your applications.

A high technology product is only as good as the people who support it. Micromax staff have an average of more than 16 years of experience. This expertise is your assurance that the products we sell are applied effectively and efficiently to your applications. Always consult Micromax first when you need application assistance.

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ISO9001 Accredited

Micromax understands the importance and criticality of delivering reliable technical products in a timely manner. In 2013 Micromax proudly achieved accreditation against Quality (IS09001:2008), OHS (4801:2001) & Environment (4001:2004). This provides our clients with additional assurance of our long standing reputation and ability to deliver quality and reliable products and advanced solutions on time.

High Tech Products and Advanced Solutions

Micromax supplies quality high technological products from leading global suppliers and with its in house engineers and technical integration experts is able to offer advanced solutions. Following is our Product Categories and range of products:

Healthcare and Medical IT Solutions

All-In-One Medical PC  -  Healthcare Infotainment  - MedPC Series  - Medical Display Series  - Mobile Medical Cart Computer  - Mobile Tablet PC  - OEM & ODM Design Service  - Patient Monitor & Medical Station  - Pressure-Sensitive Detection Floor Mat  -

Embedded Computing

Single Board Computers  - Ruggedized Computers  - Rugged Data Storage  - Data Acquisition Cards  - Communication Modules  - I/O Modules, Video Capture Cards

Industrial Communications

Gender Recognition Technology  - Digital Displays  - Internet Serial Servers and Gateways  - Ethernet Switches, Routers and Extenders  - Ethernet Media Converters  - Serial Connectivity  - Wireless and Cellular  - USB Connectivity  - Remote I/O  - Telematics and MRM Solutions  - Controllers and HMI

Diesel Engine and Power Generation Controls

Alphabox - Engine Diagnostic System  - Timer Modules  - Solenoids  - Shutdown Kits  - Solenoid Accessories  - Electronic Governors  - APECS Controllers  - Electronic Speed Switches  - Speed Sensors  - Oil Centrifuge

Audio and Video Components

AV Accessories  - Headsets & Custom Assemblies  - Hearing Aid Components & Accessories  - Microphones  - Receivers & Speakers  - Sensors  - Video SDI Components  - Video BNC Connectors

Power Conversion

AC-DC (Linear)  - AC-DC (Switching)  - Battery Chargers and UPS  - Custom Design Power Supplies  - DC-DC Converters  -

Innovation Corner - R&D

Our Head Office - Wollongong

Micromax is proud to have its Head Office based in Wollongong, and here are three reasons why this is the case

City of Innovation

Micromax lives and breathes innovation with in-house engineers and its own Research and Development team. Wollongong is the perfect location as it has a sophisticated and well developed innovation eco-system that supports industry collaboration and excellence. Key elements include a world class university, award winning technology precinct and a purpose built business accelerator.

Globally Connected

Micromax services Australasia and South East Asia so transport and logistics infrastructure is important to us. Wollongong is the most connected regional city in Australia. It is strategically located just over one hour south of Sydney Airport, Australia’s international gateway for business visitors.

Supportive Business Environment

Micromax knows that with the right people around you anything can be accomplished. Wollongong has significant industry base, competitive business costs and a skilled multilingual workforce that creates a supportive business environment.

Career Opportunities at Micromax

Do you have an interest and background in technology? Micromax offers excellent employment opportunities for qualified candidates. Find your career at Micromax: http://www.micromax.com.au/contact

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