Healthcare Infotainment

Healthcare Infotainment Solutions (Bedside Terminal)

Our medical infotainment solutions can reduce the workload of nurses and maximise a patient’s hospital experience during their stay. 

The Infotainment series are offered in 10.1”, 15.6” and 18.5” touch panel LCDs with units weighing a maximum 3.5kg. The touch panel screens are all low power, high performance with wide viewing angles, anti-microbial design and high brightness levels. There are also smart card and magnetic swipe card readers, high resolution webcams and 10-point multi-touch displays. 

From high performance Intel processors to power saving ARM CPUs, the Infotainment series allows you to select from a wide variety of bedside solutions that best fit your needs and budget.  

ONYX-BE381 (18.5”) Bedside Infotainment Touch Monitor

Main Features

  • HD video quality with HDMI input
  • 18.5” wide colour TFT LCD touch lightweight monitor  
  • PCT touch for supporting multi-touch
  • USB interface to host computer
  • Lightweight at 3.2kg
  • Wire remote control with handset function
  • VOIP Phone, web camera and high quality speakers 
  • Reading light
  • Alarm LED controlled through USB
  • Extension features: RFID, smart card reader and barcode scanner
  • EN60601-1 / UL 60601-1.

Other Healthcare Infotainment (Bedside Terminal) Products

Healthcare Infotainment Accessories

  • Easi Wall Mount Swivel Arm (TF-PER-M50/51) - Easi Wall Mount Swivel Arm
  • Ergonomic Wall Mount Swivel Arm (OPM-HO4A) - Ergonomic Wall Mount Swivel ARM
  • Easi Ceiling Mount Swivel Arm (OPM-H05A/06A) - Easi Ceiling Mount Swivel ARM


  • Ward
  • Nursing station
  • Nursing cart 
  • Bedside infotainment
  • Healthcare information kiosk
  • Smart room application 
  • Home care kiosk
  • Telemedicine 
  • Medical IT.  


Our chosen supplier of Healthcare Infotainment is ONYX Healthcare Inc. (Taiwan). 

Industries serviced

  • Private hospitals 
  • Public hospitals
  • Aged care facilities 
  • Home health care providers 
  • Health clinics – dental, chiropractor, physiotherapist  
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Private surgery. 

Publication Downloads

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ONYX – BE381 (18.5”) Bedside Infotainment Touch Monitor 
View the ONYX-BE381 (18.5”) Bedside Infotainment Touch Monitor_Datasheet_ONYX_PDF_553KB

ONYX – BE381 (18.5”) Bedside Infotainment Touch Monitor 
View the ONYX-BE381 (18.5”) Bedside Infotainment Touch Monitor_Manual_ONYX_ PDF_703KB

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